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ACT! Software Certified Consultant - ACT! Software Training Connecticut, Massachusetts - Squad 16 Consulting

ACT Software Certified Consultant Design and Build

Based upon the scope of work, ACT Software Certified Consultants and Trainers at Squad 16 Consulting MA CT begin the design of your custom ACT database, user interface, create a plan for sharing data between remote users, develop document and report templates, and determine if third-party ACT software add-on products are appropriate for the solution.


Sampling of some of the aspect of Design and Build phase:

  • Database conversion & clean-up
  • If necessary rebuild existing database prior to conversion
  • Remove duplicates
  • Old users deleted
  • New users added
  • Purge cleared Activities back until when.
  • Remove past uncleared activities until when
  • Importing/exporting data
  • Custom Database Design
  • Customization of screens/layouts/fields
  • Customization of sales forecasting tool
  • Set-up standard reports
  • Database performance optimization
  • Custom templates for documents/e-mail
  • Synchronization planning
  • Evaluate and implement ACT! specific 3rd party solutions