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ACT! Software Certified Consultant - ACT! Software Training Connecticut, Massachusetts - Squad 16 Consulting

ACT Software Certified Consultant Needs Analysis

ACT Certified Consultants and Trainers at Squad 16 meet with the representatives of each department who will be using the database or who require reports based on the data that is gathered. This gives us the best possible basis from which to design a solution that works for the whole organization. Our job is to guide you through the process of understanding and assessing what a custom solution can provide. We develop a scope of work based upon the Needs Assessment meeting.


Sampling of just some of the topics covered in Needs Analysis:
Data Sources for the project

  • Existing ACT databases
  • Outlook data
  • Excel spreadsheets or text delimited files
  • Other data sources (Access, Goldmine, etc)


  • Any which are not being used
  • Any which should be added
  • Are the field lengths appropriate for the data entered
  • Determine Field definitions (length, type, drop-down, create history, etc)

Existing data clean up

  • Duplicates to be cleared
  • Past Cleared activities
  • Past uncleared activities

Layout Design

  • Different views for different departments?
  • Contact, Group, and Company layouts
  • Company Logo and colors


  • Any to be added or deleted?
  • Teams - shall we use them?
  • What security rights should be assigned for each user?


  • How will they be used
  • Is there data in contact fields that should be moved to Group fields
  • Are there existing groups that would be better served by the use of a field with drop-down options?


  • What are the particulars of the reports that are desired.
  • Can some reports be one-click to excel, or viewed on screen.
  • For the more involved reports will a separate report generator software be required?

Sales Processes

  • What are the company's typical sales process steps?
  • Are there different products which might require different sales processes?

Product lists for Sales Opportunities and Quoting

  • Can we get the product list in text delimited form
  • How should the Sales Opportunity features be modified to meet the company's sales tracking model


  • Would customized activities be beneficial
  • Any need for activity series


  • Data for importation to create company records
  • What new fields need to be added to the company view


  • Are there users who require access to ACT! data away from the office
  • How about PDA synchronization